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Here’s to Driveways

When you look for a home chances are the driveway isn’t at the forefront of your mind. But I think when you look back at your childhood and even today you might be surprised to see just how many memories of home happen on the driveway. To test my theory I posted a question to my social circle on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share their favorite driveway memory. The response were entertaining to say the least.

Some friends talked about chalk drawings in the summertime or playing 4-square, hopscotch, and jump rope with friends. Others remembered childhood lemonade stands at the end of the driveway as they tried to flag down passers by for a 25 cents cup of Crystal Light. Washing cars, shoveling snow and even a first kiss were all memories made on the driveway.

The most shared driveway encounter had to do with learning to drive and amazingly quite a number of my friends have trouble driving on the driveway. The best story comes from my friend, Tami Meara, who shared this encounter:

The day before I graduated from drivers ed, my mom picks me up from drivers ed and I beg her to let me drive home. She says no. Then we stop at the gas station by our house and again I beg her to let me drive home. She (regretfully) lets me. I do fine until we get to our driveway. I turn into the driveway going way too fast headed for the garage. I turn to go into the middle stall of a 3 car garage and i cut it way too close to the passenger side. I side swipe the car along the brick pillar of the garage. My mom is screaming STOP! then the passenger side mirror bends back shattering the passenger window. So in a panic, I hit the gas instead of the brake! We went about 40 mph right into the house. No lie…I parked the car in our kitchen.

Now that is a memory of home that shall not soon be forgotten. From my small sampling of stories received almost 25% of responses talked about crashing the car into a garage. Evidently, it’s a rite of passage for high school drivers.

For me, I view driveways under a very strict criteria: how will it work as a basketball court. My driveway growing up was the ultimate place for basketball. It was wide enough to allow for shots from the side and deep enough that I could practice NBA length 3 pointers. I would guess I shot close to 100,000 shots on that driveway growing up. It’s where I learned how horrible a free throw shooter I am and fine tuned an alley-oop cartwheel dunk. It was my home court where every buzzer beater was made and I reenacted every memorable Michael Jordan move.

A driveway is more than just a place to park the car or a burden to shovel in the long winter months. It’s a blacktop playground that’s used by toddlers to teenagers alike as a place for memories of home.

Here’s to driveways and all the things that make a house a home.


Picture courtesy of Chagrin Valley Paving


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