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That First Home Project As A Couple

homememoriesAny homeowner who has a significant other can tell you a story about that first home project together. It might be funny now, but chances are it wasn’t all too funny then. Mine dealt with painting. Lots of painting.

Recently I came across a great modern tale of a newlywed couple who embarked on quite an interesting first home project. Danielle and Eric Wilson (full disclosure: I’ve known Danielle since she was born. Yes, I’m getting old…ish) were just married on December 28, 2012. I remember this because I was there and also it’s the same anniversary as my wife and me. I digress…so here you have a newly married couple just starting to make their own home together.

But these aren’t the 1900′s. This is a tale for a new millennium. So where should any Internet-age first home project start? Pinterest, of course. Turns out Danielle keeps a board of things that she would love to have for her home. Pinterest is perfect for that, but of course what you desire doesn’t always match what you can afford. That didn’t stop the Wilsons. Danielle found a coffee table she loved, but it didn’t quite fit the dimensions they were looking for and it was a bit more expensive than what they wanted to spend.

So for their first newlywed home project, Danielle and Eric built a coffee table together.

danielle drilling That First Home Project as a Couple

Now Eric is an engineer so they had that going for them, but don’t think this was a one-sided project. Danielle jumped right in there, electric drill and power sander in hand, to make an unique and memorable piece of home that is sure to last for generations.

That’s a great first home project.

danielle sanding That First Home Project as a Couple

Danielle has all the details of how they went about picking the table, building it, finishing it, etc. on her blog so you can read the full rundown there. The final product is amazing, and it was even better than the original table found on Pinterest because it was the exact size they needed for their space. Plus it only cost them a little under $75 to make.

But the cost isn’t the important thing here. It’s the fact that this new home they’ve created already has a story that will be told for years to come. Great memories are being made and isn’t that what’s so fun about making a house a home?

coffee table 8 That First Home Project as a CoupleThe final product

Do you have a great first home project as a couple story to share? Tell us in the comments or tweet it to us using the #CBbelieves hashtag.


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